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Catherine Rive    The Language of Photography and Film          Instagram@weareherephotos


As an artist working in Early Years Education I have discovered through the use of many materials, skills and techniques that digital photography has become increasingly relevant,  significant and valued as a tool for working creatively with young children.  Young children have a unique view of the world. Photography enables young children to explore how they perceive the world and to communicate their ideas in a meaningful way. Their photography is fascinating and full of surprises. 


Children participating in the photography project  are able to share how they see the world it makes their ideas visible. Photography enables children to explore and communicate their ideas about the world, their interests, feelings and fascinations, questions about the world, preoccupations and more. Through the children’s photographs we get to see the world through their eyes. In lockdown  to make connections I created a virtual exhibition of the children’s photographs @weareherephotos on Instagram.




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