Catherine Rive 


'Perhaps the country only existed in its maps, in which case the traveller created the territory as he walked through it'

A Walk through H, Peter Greenaway

My paintings are influenced by maps and the process of mapping. The journey with its sense of discovery, the exploration of the physical provoking an interior transformation. I am intrigued by the relationship of the internal and external, the microcosm and the macrocosm, the known and the unknown and the revealed and the concealed.

I refer to found fragments, collected and hand drawn maps, plans and diagrams.

Within the process of painting I am interested in the physicality of the paint, building layers of marks, colours and gestures. The accidents, surprises the unintended marks deviate from the initial starting point taking me on a journey of discovery never arriving where I intended to begin again.  

"Just carry on regardless until you feel compelled to do something" was the first piece of advice  given while creating the Map of the Many Mothers an artwork that continues to grow. This work evolved from a creative collaboration with Omidaze Production of Things Beginning with M.   


Alongside my painting practice, I undertake creative collaborations and residences. Currently working in collaboration with children, their families and staff at Woodlands Park, Rowland Hill, Stonecroft, North Islington and Fawood and Curzon Nursery Schools developing projects creative projects that nurture the children’s curiosity, enabling them to explore their ideas creatively through the use of a variety of media and forms of expression. Through these projects developing links with the community and engaging children and their families with their surrounding natural and urban environment. My work as an artist in education is in inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to education. 


I have exhibited my work nationally,  internationally and  collaborated with the following organisations  undertaking residencies, workshops, training and commissions; 508 Gallery, The Photographers Gallery, Boroughs of Haringey, Brent, Sunderland, Newcastle Council, Early Arts, The Polka Theatre,  The Forest School Learning initiative, Sightlines Initiative, Omidaze Productions, Creative Partnerships, A New Direction, City Mine(d), The Centre of Attention, Artists in Schools, Kent Architecture Centre, Trinity Buoy Wharf, The Chisenhale Gallery, The Reg Vardy Gallery, Sunderland University, The Great North Forest, The Northern Centre For Contemporary Art, Artists  Agency, Durham Museum and Art Gallery , London Transport Museum, Arts Resource, Eastwood Nursery School, Haringey Consortium of Nursery Schools, Lancasterian Primary School, Lavender Primary School, Beatrice Tate School & many nursery, primary, secondary schools and colleges across London and nationally.




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