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 The Map of the Many Mothers.

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An experimental production, exploration and collaboration between new writing, movement, visual art and comedy. Things Beginning with M was a new piece of work from an original idea by Yvonne Murphy which looked at how women speak to each other and tell each other the stories which help us to map our way through womanhood. Working in collaboration with Omidaze Productions Catherine was invited to map Things Beginning with M, an experimental  piece of theatre exploring womanhood through dance, words and art. A woman’s journey – how does a woman find her way through. What maps, signs and stories help along the way? Finding one’s way from adolescence to adulthood and through to old age. This  led to the creation of The Map of the Many Mothers a piece of work which continues to grow.

Please add to the map, have you any advice; tips, stories, pearls of wisdom, family sayings, hidden truths, secrets and old wives tales that you could share to help the rest of us navigate our way through life?  Your participation is much appreciated.


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